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Listing ID Category Title Location
310509 Lost: CatsMissing / lost CATHOLMAN RD & WINDFLOWER FS NB
Stockton, California. 95212
 303371 Found: Dogs black female Stockton, California. 95205
303556 Lost: DogsBlk/brown Female chihuahua/wiener dogStockton, California. 95210
 303123 Lost: DogsSmall White TerrierStockton, California. 95201
303102 Lost: DogsSmall tan chihuahua mixStockton, California. 95206
 302959 Lost: DogsSmall fluffy white dog Stockton, California. 95215
302958 Lost: DogsSmall fluffy white dog Stockton, California. 95215
303620 Lost: DogsLost white female chihuahua Paul E Weston Park
Stockton, California. 95206
 302563 Found: Rings - Decorative, GenericMens RingStockton, California. 95207
 301175 Lost: CatsLARGE WHITE MALE CAT W/ BLUE EYESStockton, California. 95209
301174 Lost: CatsLARGE WHITE MALE CAT W/ BLUE EYESStockton, California. 95209
 300544 Found: CD, DVD, IPOD, MP3 Players, Cassette PlayersFOUND iPod TouchStockton, California. 95201
300426 Found: DogsSilver and Tan Schnauzer mixStockton, California. 95205
 298691 Found: DogsSmall poodle tan colorStockton, California. 95219
298728 Lost: DogsLost adult white with brown spots jack russell terrierKENNEDY ELEMENTARY
STOCKTON, California. 95210
 297198 Found: DogsReddish brown terrier mix found -- maybe red mini pinscher / chihuahuaStockton, California. 95201
295829 Found: Animals / PetsSmall dogStockton, California. 95207
295030 Lost: DogsLarge white/tan/brown HUSKYStockton, California. 95210
 294603 Found: DogsSmall blonde and brown male dogStockton, California. 95219
294423 Found: DogsLarge Black Lab Found w/ red callorStockton, California. 95209
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